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Who Wants to be a Volunteer?

20 April 2021

For a project of this size, to be successfully realized, a lot of people are needed to work together. If you have a passion for racing or you are interested in a career in the automotive industry then this is a chance for you to become a part of our team as a volunteer at Rimac FS Alpe Adria 2021! There are numerous benefits that volunteering can provide to your personal and professional life so if you love motorsport then Novi Marof is the place to be from 21st to 29th of August this year.

Some reasons to volunteer

Rimac FS Alpe Adria 2021 is an event that will gather more than 800 people – most of them are students that are part of  FS racing teams but there will also be 50 judges who are prominent experts in the fields of automotive and motorsport engineering with the experience of working for top tier automotive companies. That gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by highly influential people, to meet other fellow students from all over Europe and learn something new. In addition to that, this event is all about promoting the STEM fields of study and enabling „networking“ to all of the participants. There will be stands for sponsor companies to present themselves and their work so there is also a potential to meet a future employer. Employers appreciate volunteering because it is a sign of ambition and a hard working mentality, while the experience that comes with it is priceless and it is a valuable addition to your CV. Of course, an event gathering 800 students guarantees fun and socializing so you can expect a dynamic, eventful and cheerful atmosphere during those days! Volonter-2

What are my duties?

A volunteer at Rimac FS Alpe Adria 2021 can expect to be helping in many different areas of the event so there are different points of interest one can choose while registering to be a volunteer. The event itself consists of static and dynamic disciplines in which the teams present their work, both on and off track. Safety of all the participants is the priority and therefore there is a need for a track marshall that will navigate the teams on the track. Another volunteering position that is important is in trackside logistics. Here, volunteers are responsible to keep an eye on the teams and judges to make sure everyone has everything they need  (water, equipment, driving around, or whatever might be required at the moment). This is a great opportunity for the networking part as a lot of interaction is going on with the participants.

How can I join your team and become a volunteer?

There are 2 requirements that a person must fulfil in order to become a volunteer at this year’s Rimac FS Alpe Adria; you need to be 18 years old (or older) and you need to possess a good knowledge of English language because of the international surroundings. However, even more important is to make the most out of the experience that is offered and to feel the satisfaction of being a part of the coolest student project in the world. Registration is possible via our web page: https://fs-alpeadria.com/volunteer/ We are looking forward to having you in our team!

Karlo Ćurčić