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Road to F1

25 March 2020


For over 50 years, Formula 1 has been the pinnacle of motorsport racing. The glamour, the prestige and the spectacle surrounding that world are truly astonishing, which is why being a part of it is a dream many of us share. However, the prospect of turning that dream into reality is extremely difficult, whether one aspires to become a driver, a mechanic, an engineer or a team leader. The competitive nature of the sport translates into every pore of the Formula 1 organization – which is why only the best of the best can find their spot there. Of course, there are numerous steps on the path and one of the best starting points is becoming a part of your University’s Formula Student team.



Formula Student (FS) is the largest student competition in the world with over 600 universities from more than 20 countries having their FS team.


Who can become a part of an FS team?

It gathers students not only from the STEM field of studies but also economy students because marketing and finances are crucial part of any FS project. Generally speaking, being a part of an FS team is similar to working in a real company which is why many firms, from the automotive industry, give advantage to applicants with FS experience.


The scope of the work

The teams build their own FS car following a predefined set of rules. The success of their project relies heavily on student’s passion and will as building an FS car from scratch requires many after-hours and sleepless nights in the garage, upon studying for the compulsory study programme. By participating in such projects, students gain valuable knowledge about practical work, turning theory into practice, develop their engineering and problem-solving skills and learn to work together as a team.


About the competition

There are 3 main categories of FS cars: combustion vehicles (CV), electric vehicles (EV) and driverless vehicles (DV). The competition consists of various static and dynamic disciplines and it is governed by a number of judges who are often renowned experts in their respective areas of automotive industry. Although it is a competition and every team is there to win, the biggest prize of each FS competition is the networking it provides. Sharing experiences with other teams, meeting new people with similar interests and exchanging contacts with potential future employers are the central points of the event and represent a priceless opportunity for the students to make the most from their university days.


Karlo Ćurčić