Team name Hybrid?   Car # Status
1 CAT-Racing NO Reserved slots from 2022 270 Registered
2 BME Motorsport YES 182 Registered
3 Rennteam Uni Stuttgart YES Quiz 229 Registered
4 AGH Racing Combustion NO Quiz 213 Registered
5 Baltic Racing Combustion NO Quiz 220 Registered
6 Arrabona Racing Team NO Quiz 279 Registered
7 UniBo Motorsport Combustion NO Quiz 880 Registered
8 MoRe Modena Racing NO Quiz 237 Registered
9 CTU CarTech YES Quiz 233 Registered
10 PRz Racing Team NO Quiz 250 Registered
11 FS TUL racing YES Quiz 690 Registered
12 BlueStreamline NO Quiz 111 Registered

  Team Name   Car # Status
1 Joanneum Racing Graz Reserved slots from 2022 E23 Registered
2 eForce FEE Prague Formula E67 Registered
3 TU Wien Racing E41 Registered
4 Rennstall Esslingen E94 Registered
5 FSB Racing Team Reserved slots for teams from the region E18 Registered
6 UNI Maribor Grand Prix Engineering E35 Registered
7 Superior Engineering E69 Registered
8 Formule ETS Intercontinental Teams E88 Registered
9 Raceyard E Quiz E53 Registered
10 Infinity Racing Quiz E52 Registered
11 TU Graz Racing Team Quiz E11 Registered
12 FS Team Tallinn Quiz E24 Registered
13 Rennschmiede Pforzheim Quiz E79 Registered
14 Formula Student Team Weingarten Quiz E60 Registered
15 UniBo Motorsport Electric Quiz E27 Registered
16 FaSTTUBe Quiz E13 Registered
17 Dynamics e.V. Quiz E62 Registered
18 FaSTDa Racing Quiz E42 Registered
19 E-Traxx Düsseldorf Quiz E73 Registered
20 Runningsnail Racing Team Quiz E32 Registered
21 Einstein Motorsport Quiz E44 Registered
22 greenBEAR Quiz E19 Registered
23 Zurich UAS Racing Quiz E16 Registered
24 Team wob-racing. Quiz E33 Registered
25 Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. Quiz E34 Registered
26 Strohm und Söhne e.V. Quiz E06 Registered
27 UPBracing Team Quiz E58 Registered
28 Formula Electric Belgium Quiz E22 Registered
29 UGent Racing Quiz E50 Registered
30 E-Motion Rennteam Aalen e.V. Quiz E61 Registered
31 Elbflorace e.V. Quiz E59 Registered
32 Formula Technion Quiz E10 Registered
33 Valais Wallis Racing Team Quiz E31 Registered
34 LA eRacing Quiz E97 Registered
35 Bern Racing Team Quiz E37 Registered
36 STUBA Green Team Quiz E90 Pre-registered

Concept Class Driverless FSAA 2023
Team name Status
1. Polimarche Racing Team  Registered
2. STUBA Green Team Registered
3. Technion University  Registered
4. FSB Racing Team Registered

*Pre-registered - The team was accepted to participate, payment awaiting
*Registered - The team was accepted to participate, payment done
*Waiting List - The team is waiting if any slot opens for below reasons
*Withdrawn - The team has withdrawn their application for FSAA23
*TBD - Please get in contact to choose your car number at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.